I’m a 21-year old photographer currently creating in Bend, Oregon. After living in Charlotte, NC my entire life, the Pacific Northwest started calling my name. I wanted to begin a new chapter in my life, and after making the cross country move, I quickly learned that there is no better place to begin that chapter than in Bend. I love exploring all that the PNW has to offer and incorporating the breathtaking natural landscapes into my creative work. 

I'm Lucia, So Happy To Meet You!


Photography has been a major part of my life since I was 16 and became obsessed with the photo editing app, VSCO. My joy for editing photos turned into saving up to buy my first camera. I quickly became the resident headshot and senior photographer for all my friends back home. As my love for photography grew, I expanded my creative possibilities by styling photoshoots and organizing funky projects. Today, my mission as a photographer is capturing magical and creative memories to be relived for a lifetime. 

Throughout my  photography journey, I've grown passionate about storytelling

the inside scoop

The ability to tell unique stories through a few photographs is what I love to do most. The magic comes from those unfiltered moments during photoshoots that were never anticipated, yet they reveal the purest forms of love, joy, confidence, and exhilaration. From editorial portrait sessions to whimsically styled shoots, infusing my creative energy into my work is both exciting and fulfilling. I am always up for an adventure, especially one that allows me to capture memorable moments in new places. Whether it’s road tripping across the country, or photographing a destination wedding, my love for visual storytelling has grown even stronger through travel. Without a doubt, these are crazy times we’re living in. If there is one thing we have collectively learned from the past few years, it’s to savor every precious moment, loved one, and experience we have in life. Let’s celebrate those priceless moments and tell your story, while capturing some magic along the way!  

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