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Hey there- Iā€™m Lucia Wallace. I am a North Carolina native residing in Bend, Oregon. I am a traveling wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer and I want to capture your story.

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One of the best investments you can make in your business is to invest in yourself. This is the place to expand your skills, get actionable tips for building your business, gain fresh inspiration, and head into your next client session with a renewed sense of why you love your work. Sometimes a little perspective and connection is all it takes to take your business to new heights.

The best investment you can make is in YOURSELF.

Manual Camera settings 
Creative Shooting techniques 
slow shutter/motion blur
all things super 8
CRM programs 
Storytelling with your photos 
Creative Cropping 
posing & Directing 
planning styled shoots 
camera gear
getting out of a creative rut/ burnout 
post processing (backing your photos up, culling, editing, exporting to send off)
wedding day flow 
mixing editorial + documentary 
finding your own shooting & editing style 
social media
working with models 
finding & working with creative teams 
steps to starting your business 

topics can include:

- 1 hour chat via zoom where you can ask all your burning questions. Nothing is off the table. 
- 30 min headshots for your business 
- 1 hour shoot that I plan & style designed to your preference to push you creatively. I find the models, MUA, wardrobe all the nitty gritty! Shoot along side me, ask questions in the moment, camera settings, posing, composition etc. 
- 1 hour of post-process culling, editing and storytelling through the power of Lightroom and Photoshop workflow.

mentorship package investment ā€” $1200

the in-person one

package no. 02

-1 hour chat face to face where you can ask all your burning questions. Nothing is off the table.

mentorship package investment ā€” $250

the virtual one

package no. 01

Focus solely on pushing yourself creatively. Let's plan something epic where you can discover new tools for future shoots. Any kind of shoot! Couples, elopement, group editorial. Maybe you mainly shoot editorial and wanna try out weddings or your a veteran wedding photographer wanting try something completely different. We can also add on a stylist for an additional amount to work on product photography, brand/commercial work, or whatever you're most hoping to learn more about. 

Ask the questions you have. push yourself creatively. 

let's do this