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Hey there- I’m Lucia Wallace. I am a North Carolina native residing in Bend, Oregon. I am a traveling wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer and I want to capture your story.

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I am a traveling, wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer and I want to capture your story.

Hey there- I’m Lucia Wallace.

Photography that’s as
Boundlessly imaginative as you are.

Cascade Lakes Highway Engagement Session in Bend, Oregon

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Just about 5 minutes from downtown Bend, Oregon is the start of the Cascades Lakes Highway. About 66 miles long, is a beautiful drive with mountain views and tons of lakes along the way. Creating the most ideal location for an engagement session.

Megan & Kevin had the idea of doing their engagement session in one their favorite spots in Bend…along the Cascades Lakes Highway! I was immediately so excited because it’s truly magical on the CLH during the summer.

We wanted the session to have a “date night” type documentary vibe to it. While we started with a “bike ride vibe” I had Megan and Kevin hop on their bike together and ride around for some cute candids with motion blur. We pulled over on the CLH at a random spot with lots of pretty green trees about half way up to sparks lake.

After getting our bike shots we kept driving up the CLH until we got a really spot in the road with mountain views. I wanted these images to feel like that part in a rom com when the main characters are running around mid montage!

Finally we ended with heading up to Elk Lake. Megan is a talented artist and we set a “painting night vibe” with a cute mini charcuterie board. It was just past sunset blue hour which made for beautiful lighting. It was the most perfect evening spent documenting this sweet couple and learning all about them.

Let’s play your fav playlist and capture your story, ride bikes or anything that captures you and your lover. I love shoot days ahhhhhh. I’m here to create a safe space and document you. Be prepared to see my happy dance when I get “THE SHOT”. Contact me to schedule your engagement session.

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