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Hey there- I’m Lucia Wallace. I am a North Carolina native residing in Bend, Oregon. I am a traveling wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer and I want to capture your story.

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I am a traveling, wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer and I want to capture your story.

Hey there- I’m Lucia Wallace.

Photography that’s as
Boundlessly imaginative as you are.

Pond Group Editorial Photoshoot in Bend, Oregon

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When imagining this editorial photoshoot I knew I wanted it to feel very cinematic, very playful but also editorial at the same time. Think of the end of movie about a group of friends, it’s the night before school starts again.

We shot on the property that I used to live on in Bend, Oregon which had a gorgeous pond, horses and lots of land to roam. While I gave little direction during this shoot — this shoot unfolded organically, as we ventured from one location to another. Embracing the variety of landscapes and exploring different levels and framing. It was as if we were living out scenes from a movie script that had yet to be written, allowing the chemistry of the moment to dictate our actions.

I think my favorite shots of the day are the water ones, specially the ones with harsh shadows shining through the water on their hands and eyes. I can really feel those, I can feel the coldest of the water but also the sun shining and glimmering on the water, it takes me back to the shoot.

If you want to take photos with your friends to capture this moment in time and make it an editorial photoshoot — I’m your girl. Connect with me and tell me everything you’ve been dreaming up.

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