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Hey there- I’m Lucia Wallace. I am a North Carolina native residing in Bend, Oregon. I am a traveling wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer and I want to capture your story.

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I am a traveling, wedding, elopement, and editorial photographer and I want to capture your story.

Hey there- I’m Lucia Wallace.

Photography that’s as
Boundlessly imaginative as you are.

Wes Anderson Inspired Fish Editorial Photo Shoot in Wilmington, North Carolina


Step into the enchanting world of a Wes Anderson inspired editorial photo shoot. That is seamlessly a blend of imagination and style against the picturesque backdrop of Wilmington’s waterfront. Known for his distinctive cinematic approach, Wes Anderson’s influence brings a whimsical touch to the realm of fashion, resulting in a mesmerizing visual narrative.

Wes Anderson’s cinematic realm is a realm of its own. Characterized by offbeat characters, vibrant color schemes, and meticulously crafted settings. Drawing inspiration from this iconic filmmaker, our editorial shoot set out to infuse the world of fashion with the magic of storytelling. The charming waterfront of Wilmington, North Carolina, served as the canvas on which this creative journey unfolded.

Our journey began with a splash of color and creativity.

In the spirit of Anderson’s trademark aesthetic, a long bright yellow poncho and an electric blue swim cap took center stage. Injecting a burst of vivid hues that would stand out in every frame. The deliberate selection of these pieces paid homage to Anderson’s keen eye for visual contrast and his ability to make even the most unconventional combinations feel harmonious.

As the sun rose over the serene beach of Wilmington, the scene was set for our protagonist, Hannah. A model whose presence exuded the perfect blend of whimsy and elegance. She became the canvas upon which our Wes Anderson-inspired story was painted. Against the tranquil morning light, the wardrobe choices came to life, infusing the scene with a sense of narrative intrigue.

And while fashion is about pushing boundaries, our shoot pushed them quite literally. While embracing the quirkiness reminiscent of Anderson’s universe, we added an unexpected yet delightful touch – placing dead fish on Hannah. The deserted morning beach provided the ideal setting, allowing us to embrace creative experimentation without prying eyes.

Lastly, our Wes Anderson inspired editorial photo shoot in Wilmington was an ode to the filmmaker’s unparalleled ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through vibrant colors, unconventional styling, and a touch of whimsy. We brought a slice of cinematic magic to the world of fashion, leaving behind a trail of imagination and visual delight on the charming shores of Wilmington.

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